CEDC Announces Urban Design Planning for Maryland Avenue

Cumberland, MD – The Cumberland Economic Development Corporation is pleased to announce that it has tentatively reached an agreement with Destination By Design Planning, LLC to develop an illustrative master plan for the Maryland Avenue Corridor Study Area, which is depicted on the attached plat.  The illustrative master plan will suggest various concepts for further development of the study area over the course of the next 15-20 years and the improvement of connectivity between Canal Place, the Baltimore Street corridor, the Maryland Avenue Project area presently being developed by Cumberland Gateway Real Estate, LLC, and the larger Maryland Avenue Corridor Study Area.  The master plan will also feature key urban design principles, including, proposed building orientation where suitable, infill development, and appropriately located parking, green infrastructure, and civic areas.  Development of the plan will include, without limitation, (1) an examination of all applicable economic and community development studies prepared to date; (2) GIS mapping of existing infrastructure, environmental constraints, key properties, and physical opportunities and limitations; (3) coordination with City, County, and State officials; and (4) coordination with Cumberland Gateway Real Estate, LLC, and other stakeholders.  Completion of the master plan is expected to occur on or around July 1, 2019.

Paul J. Kelly, Jr., Executive Director of the CEDC explains “Revitalization of the entire Maryland Avenue corridor is dependent upon a very thorough, complex and coordinated plan.  The CEDC is diligently working with a host of public and private stakeholders to develop that plan in a smart, calculated and efficient manner.  Just last week, the CEDC hosted a meeting between SHA, County officials, City officials, representatives of Cumberland Gateway Real Estate, LLC, the Cumberland Housing Group, and other interested parties.  The purpose of the meeting was to promote a common vision and to identify both short and long term engineering needs for the entire Maryland Avenue Corridor Study Area.  Design work is well under way with regard to the Maryland Avenue Project Area between Emily Street and Williams Street, and we want those plans to consider and complement a long range plan for the balance of the Maryland Avenue Study Area from Williams Street to Lamont Street.  This week, the CEDC was fortunate insofar as it was able to hire Destination By Design, a highly qualified full service urban design firm.  Destination By Design will further build upon the City’s strategic economic development plan by helping all of us critically analyze the corridor and create various concepts for its continued smart growth.”