Matt Miller, Interim Executive Director/President

Born and raised in the tri-state area, Matt has a passion for the success of Cumberland. After graduation from West Virginia University, he immediately sought to become actively involved in our community. His work with local non-profit organizations, particularly in the arena of event planning, has showcased his skills and passion for the work he does. Matt most recently worked at First Peoples Community Credit Union as their Business Development Officer.

Matt’s enthusiasm and dedication toward community betterment will help enable the Cumberland Economic Development Corporation to reach the goals of their strategic plan. Matt is fully focused on, and attentive to, thoughts and concerns from our citizens as he is devoted to job creation and improvement of quality of life.



Shawn Hershberger, Economic Development Coordinator

Originally from Cumberland, Shawn received a B.S. from Frostburg State University in Political Science, and Graduate Certificate in Community and Economic Development from Penn State University.

After starting his career with the City of Frostburg, Maryland Department of Community Development, Shawn then served as Executive Director of the Pendleton County Economic and Community Development Authority in Franklin, WV. He was also the Economic Development Coordinator for West Point, Virginia prior to returning to the Cumberland area in March 2012.

Shawn specializes in working with investors and developers to retain existing business, and to grow new business in Cumberland and the surrounding areas.  He currently resides in Cumberland with his wife, Brandi, and their four children, Teagan, Ahnika, Beckam, and Tobias.



Tabitha H. Barbarito, Economic Development Specialist 

Tabitha relocated from Fairfax County, VA to Cumberland in June 2015 with her husband, Sebastian. She grew up in a rural area of West Virginia about three hours southwest of Cumberland and graduated from West Virginia University.

Tabitha brings a vast, professional repertoire to the corporation, including a strong background in customer service and real estate. She is excited to be part of Cumberland’s tight-knit community and looks forward to working with local entrepreneurs and collaborating with other organizations to help successfully implement the economic development strategic plan.