Cumberland Housing Survey

9 2020 January
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As you may be aware, the Cumberland Economic Development Corporation (the “CEDC”) hired LSA, Inc. to perform a comprehensive housing analysis for the City of Cumberland.  In summary, the CEDC and LSA are seeking to define the City’s housing stock (type, condition, value, etc.), identify short and long term housing needs, and develop specific proposals to address the identified housing needs.  The analysis will review housing of all types and value, and assess the housing need for all levels of income.  The analysis will pay particular attention to assessing the housing need of our work force, and the work force of businesses we are working to attract.  Please consider posting the survey in your social media outlets and circulating the attached survey to your employees, stakeholders and associates.  The survey is a portion of the research being performed, and its value is proportionate to the number of survey respondents.